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If EXO went to Hogwarts.
Suho: Ravenclaw. Smart like all Ravenclaws, and gets used for his answers, but he doesn't mind; he'll do anything to help someone. Manages to wear his uniform properly but still look like a preppy sex god. Ravenclaw Quidditch team Beater.
D.O: Hupplepuff. Not too bright. Gets bullied, but he takes it and smiles with his friends later. Bakes for his friends. Took him forever to find a uniform to fit over his big head and fit his tiny body, and wears his uniform like an obedient schoolboy.
Baekhyun: Gryffindor. A good student, but sneaks out too much, mainly to meet Chanyeol. Extremely popular and friendly. Wears his uniform perfectly in front of teachers but loosens it up for the ladies. Ladies love him. Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
Chanyeol: Hufflepuff. Genius, but doesn't look like one. Major klutz and Snape's most hated pupil. Loved by all the girls but is too dull to notice it. Extremely popular. Everyone wants to be his friend. Wears his uniform perfectly but his height makes it look like it's badass. Hufflepuff Quidditch team Captain and Chaser.
Kai: Slytherin. Effortlessly cool. All the bad girls want him. Fingers teachers when they aren't looking, and is very sarcastic. Kris' best friend. Wears his uniform wrong all the time; first two buttons unbottoned and tie untied. Fails all classes. Beater on the Quidditch team, but always hits the opposing team with his bat.
Sehun: Slytherin. Wannabe badass and Kai's pet. Chases Kai around 24/7. Has alot of potential, but in his attempts of being like Kai, purposely fails all his classes. Does whatever Kai does, but instead of being effortlessly cool, he's a tryhard. Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team.
Xiumin: Gryffindor. Shares a dorm room with Baekhyun and sneaks out with him, except Xiumin goes to the kitchens instead. Has an alliance with Winky the house elf to bring him food. Passes all classes with a breeze, but doesn't know what he's gonna do in the future. Tries to wear his uniform nice, but there are always grease stains on it. Beater on the Gryffindor team.
Luhan: Ravenclaw. Perfect pretty boy goody two shoes who's father runs the Ministry. The picture of health, and kills girls with a smile. Dating the smartest and prettiest girl in Hogwarts. Genius, and plans on being the Minister for Magic. Loved by all teachers and a nice guy. Suho's best pal, and wears all his uniforms with class. Seeker and team captain on Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
Tao: Ravenclaw. Tries at everything but fails miserably. When he's troubled he talks it out with Suho. Secretly gay and has a huge crush on Kris. When he's around Kris he giggles and blushes. Wears his uniform with alot of bracelets and chokers and eyeliner. Chaser on Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
Lay: Hufflepuff. Smart, but fails classes because he forgets assignments. Always in detention because the actual commiter of the crime runs away and he stands there in puzzlement till a teacher catches him and thinks he did it. Depressed because he thinks he's a failure. His prized possession is his Remembrall. Wears his uniform right but always forgets something.
Kris: Slytherin. Total badass bitch. Detention all day everyday. Knows all the passages out of school. Filch is always catching him smoking in the bathroom. Flirts with girls like no tomorrow. Wears his uniform wrong and with swag. Answers teachers with smirks and gets the highest marks in Slytherin. Kai's best friend. Seeker on the Slytherin Quidditch team.
Chen: Hufflepuff. Skips classes to write emo depressing poetry about how worthless he is. Plays the harmonica at night. Gets beat up by Kai all the time. Failed Transfiguration because he scared the rat he had to Transfigure away with his face. Wears his uniform like Tao. His only friend is Tao.
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kai's new 'heart'
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